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What is Probate? (in brief)

The legal process of ending the business of one’s life.

The process of collecting your assets, paying your debts and distributing your estate.

Why I like Probate

Probate provides closure: all financial matters are wrapped up.

Probate gives finality: all debts are resolved or barred from later collection.

Probate provides protection: against identity theft

Probate is the legal process of administering one’s Estate. A Will contains the decedent’s directions and wishes for disposal of their estate. If the deceased did not leave a Will, then the State of Washington laws of Intestacy apply and direct the disposal of the estate.

At Ivy Law Group, we guide you through the entire process of probating an estate. People often seek to avoid probate, but in Washington it is a fairly smooth process and has several benefits. Probate creates finality for the financial obligations of the decedent including protecting the heirs from unknown debtors. It is also a good tool for prevention of identity theft of the decedent.

The person who manages the probate is called the Personal Representative, also called the Executor. The titles are interchangeable with Personal Representative as the more modern term. The Personal Representative is named in the Will, or if there is no Will then is named by the Court.

Keeping accurate and detailed records, staying on top of deadlines, and following legal procedures all while dealing with grief associated with the death of a loved one is a lot to tackle. A good probate attorney will help with all of this.

We take an efficient and compassionate approach addressing both the legal and emotional aspects associated with probate.

Initial steps after experiencing the death of a loved one

  • Determine if the deceased desired a cremation or burial and arrange the service.
  • Locate the Will, if the deceased had a Will.
  • Determine what your role will be in distributing the deceased’s estate.
  • Contact Ivy Law Group and consult with an attorney to get an idea of what your legal responsibilities entail and how we can help you accomplish them.
  • Look for a Survivor’s Manual written by the deceased with the deceased’s personal and financial information.
  • Identify your support systems and take care of yourself.

Steps of Probate (summary)

  • Petition the court to open the probate and appoint the Personal representative.
  • Notify creditors, etc. of death
  • Collect information on all assets and debt
  • Open an estate bank account
  • Pay all debts using estate funds
  • Distribute remaining estate assets in accordance with the Will or the law
  • Prepare an accounting
  • Petition the court to close the probate

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    Because our case was for an unrelated estate executor it was a challenge for us. Ivy Law Group guided me through with great assistance and explanation. They were available and very professional. I much appreciate being a client.