Parenting risks and Estate Planning

A Will is the Responsibility of Every Parent
The last thing that most people want to take into consideration when they are experiencing the joy of bringing a new child into the world is what protections they have in place if something were to happen to them.
As a new parent myself, I do not like to think that I may not be around for many years to experience my son’s growth and be there to provide some important life lessons to help him along his path. However, as a lawyer, I have seen first-hand the difficult process of when a parent dies unexpectedly without a Will.
The inherent difficulty of accepting the passing of a loved one, especially one that you rely on to such an extent, is significantly compounded when that loved one did not take the time to create a Will. A Will provides a clear framework to navigate the probate process in accordance with the wishes of the deceased person. Without such a framework, a family is left to guess at what that person would have wanted and create a plan according to those guesses. All this is necessary while dealing with increased oversight from the probate court and dealing with the grieving process. This can be overwhelming for family members trying to cope with the loss of a loved one.
A Will is important for any person, but especially so for a parent. Being a parent comes with a multitude of responsibilities and difficult decisions, and one of those is to protect your children to the best of your abilities under all circumstances, including if something were to happen to you. Do not be the person who puts this off because, although death is certain, its timing surely is not.

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Matt J. Werter

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