Martin J. Kreshon, Ivy Law Group’s Newest Attorney, Gets Sworn In

On September 16th, most people went on with their normal Friday routine, excited for the weekend to come.  Martin was excited for another reason: he was one step away from being admitted to practice law in Washington State.

As Martin walked into a busy courthouse, he was surprised by his fiancée, who joined in witnessing Martin get sworn in.  It was there, in front of Honorable Judge Beth Andrus, where Martin and six others swore to “support the Constitution of the State of Washington and the Constitution of the United States.”

This isn’t Martin’s first rodeo.  In 2012, Martin was admitted to practice in North Carolina.  There, he practiced in the areas of personal injury, criminal defense.  Now, in a few short days, Martin’s courtroom skills and experience can shine here in The Evergreen State.  We look forward to what he will do.

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