Do You Need to Set Up a Special Needs Trust?

While there is nothing in life that is guaranteed but death and taxes, estate planning is a way to position yourself to be ready for both. It allows you to reduce the amount of taxes your estate and heirs will be responsible for and ensures your wishes are taken care of following your death.

There are certain circumstances that may benefit from a Special Needs Trust. What is a Special Needs Trust, and do you need one? Here is some information to help you decide. Continue reading “Do You Need to Set Up a Special Needs Trust?”

What You Need to Know About Living Wills

Most people know a little bit about wills. In the media, the will is what helps a family know who gets what assets and how the deceased wishes to be buried. However, these types of wills are not the only reason why estate planning is important.

Although divvying up possessions and your burial plans are certainly an important part of your estate plan, a living will is also an essential part of an estate plan. Living wills help to decide things like guardianship of children should you become unable to care for them, medical decisions, and even current monetary issues.

Here’s why setting up a living will is so important no matter what age you are or what your situation in life. Continue reading “What You Need to Know About Living Wills”