Are You Ready to Vote?

In the beginning of the creation of the United States of America you had to be a white male, over 21 and a property owner in order to vote!

240 years later it is all genders, all races and all economic levels who may vote.

The right to vote doesn’t mean much if it isn’t exercised. Flexing our individual muscles are what extended voting rights to all of us.   The people who extended those rights were white male property owners who (eventually) voted for inclusion.

In the 2012 presidential election only 57.5% of Americans voted and that was a high turnout! Our vote is important. Whether you vote or not, someone will be elected president. And that person will be your president, making decisions that affect you and this country for many years to come.

The presidential portion is not the only important aspect on the voter’s ballot. Many issues that affect day to day life are determined on a local level such as taxes and education.

Ballots are out there. Now let’s all exercise!


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