Are You Ready to ShakeOut?

Ivy Law Group participates every year in the Great ShakeOut. This year it will be at 10:20am on October 20th.  

 We use the time to review our emergency supplies, practice our earthquake survival skills and discuss disaster preparedness.   It only takes about thirty minutes and doesn’t hurt a bit!

 Join us by visiting See more information below.

 Major earthquakes can cause unprecedented catastrophes. With earthquakes as an inevitable part of our future, businesses should make plans and take actions to ensure that disasters do not become catastrophes. What we do now, will determine what our lives will be like afterwards. With this in mind, the Earthquake Country Alliance ( created the Great California ShakeOut, an earthquake drill and preparedness activity in which everyone can participate, which has now spread to many other states and regions.

To register as a participant for a ShakeOut drill in your area visit Businesses of all sizes can also use the drill to get their employees, business partners, and even their clients and customers, involved and prepared for a big earthquake.


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