Family Law Testimonial 9

I am grateful to Christopher and his firm, Ivy Law Group, for representing me in a very bitter and emotional divorce. I thought for sure that my x would never settle, but with Chris’ skillful work and dedication, she settled in the end. The settlement resulted in more time with my kids and fair financial terms – outcomes I thought impossible at the outset. Thank you Chris.

Family Law Testimonial 8

Chris is a top notch, fair and strategically minded attorney. He listens, evaluates and makes recommendations that consider both the law and the emotional impact that difficult family law decisions create for all parties involved.

As a business and technology leader, I lean heavily on the advice of my corporate council. In family law, I trust Chris and his expertise in guiding me through extremely difficult family and financial decisions.

Without reservation I recommend Chris. If you have family law concerns, call him.

Testimonial Family Seven

While I never expected to get divorce, thanks to Ruth and her staff, it has reached a resolution and I have moved on with my life. 

Testimonial Family Six

One concern I had was the cost of good legal advice. I found Ruth’s fees to be comparable to the going rate of other divorce lawyers (and probably cheaper because she is so efficient.) I definitely felt that her fees were fair and I was conveniently billed once per month.

Testimonial Family Five

Throughout my case, Ruth was patient, kind, and very thoughtful. If I had a question, I was able to communicate with her via e-mail, phone, or if she wasn’t available I knew that her paralegal would help me and would get in touch with Ruth promptly. 

Testimonial Family Four

Ruth was both professional and compassionate when we first spoke on the phone, and she maneuvered her schedule so that I would not have to miss work. At our initial meeting, she showed me the utmost respect and listened to my concerns and questions without judgment. She took notes and didn’t waste any time. When I was done explaining my situation, she asked some questions and suggested a simple strategy in going forward. I felt so relieved after our meeting and confident that she could help me make it through such a major, life-changing event while keeping my dignity and honor. 

Testimonial Family Three

In July of 2010, my spouse of 28 years told me that our marriage was over. I was in shock and not sure what to do, but did know that I needed to retain a good lawyer. Based on excellent recommendations from two attorneys I knew, I contacted Ruth Vogel.

Testimonial Family Two

I’m happy to recommend Ruth Vogel. She was most helpful with navigating me through the complicated and frustrating family court process. The result was a parenting plan that considered the best interests of my son first.

Testimonial Family One

I was going through a divorce which can be both draining emotionally and financially. Ruth was there to guide me through the process and provide the support to see me through the difficult times for me and my son.